The Sardinians living to -- and over -- 100

Published 5:38 AM ET, Tue February 6, 2018
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For his "100 Centenarians" project, Luigi Corda spent two years photographing and interviewing people on the island of Sardinia. Pasqualina Schirru, born in 1907, worked in the mines. Cactus berries are among her favorite foods. Luigi Corda
Giuseppe Taccori, born in 1907, eats everything but especially loves french fries. Luigi Corda
Rita Tomainu, born in 1907, doesn't drink wine or watch TV. Luigi Corda
Salvatore Spano, born in 1907, loves dancing and takes a daily spin on his bicycle. Luigi Corda
Maria Satta, born in 1907, eats mostly pasta and potatoes. Luigi Corda
Salvatore Meloni, born in 1908, is a farmer and a shepherd and goat herder. Luigi Corda
Teresina Pipia, born in 1909, loves doing crosswords and watching soccer on TV. Luigi Corda
Michele Falchi, born in 1908, is a barber who enjoys sewing and dancing. Luigi Corda
Maria Bonaria Argiolas, born in 1909, prays every day and enjoys watching the news on TV. Luigi Corda
Filomena Serreli, born in 1907, drinks goat milk every day. Luigi Corda
Maria Bartolino, born in 1908, did the shopping and made lunch every day until she was 99. Luigi Corda
Giovanni Lai, born in 1906, is a shoemaker and farmer who loves lasagna and has a glass of wine at every meal. Luigi Corda