01:25 - Source: CNN
Students' reaction to film surprise goes viral
CNN  — 

The students of the acclaimed Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta are well known for their dance moves.
So when they learned in a surprise Friday announcement that they were going to see the new blockbuster “Black Panther” movie, the ecstatic kids broke out laughing, cheering and dancing on tables.

Students’ reactions at the nonprofit middle school, known for its rigorous and nontraditional teaching methods, display nothing short of infectious joy.

Video of the moment has been widely shared online and sparked plenty of positive vibes – and envy.

The Marvel Studios film, about a prince of the fictitious African nation of Wakanda who becomes a superhero known as Black Panther, opens February 16.

The eagerly awaited movie features a black lead character and a predominantly black cast and has already outpaced advanced sales of all other superhero films on movie ticket site Fandango.

CNN’s Frank Pallotta contributed to this report