#TBT: If at first you don't succeed, go on to win the presidency

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(CNN)Live your life with the confidence of a billionaire. Few examples back up this piece of advice like Donald Trump's reaction to his 2016 second place finish in the Iowa caucuses, which happened on this day in 2016.

In one of the last polls before the first in the nation 2016 Iowa caucuses, then-candidate Trump had a five-point lead over Sen. Ted Cruz. In what should have been foreshadowing for that year's general election, the polls didn't predict what happened next.
Cruz ended up winning the state by a little more than three points. But Trump didn't let that setback get him down. (Couldn't say the same for Mike Huckabee.)
In the Instagram video above, you can see future President Trump react to his loss.
    "We will go on to get the Republican nomination. And we will go on to easily beat Hillary or Bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there," Trump said.
    Trump went on to easily win the New Hampshire primary and, eventually, the Republican nomination. So half of his February prediction was true.
    Would I call the 2016 general election an "easy" victory? As we know, he did really well in the Electoral College, beating Clinton 306-232. Clinton beat him by two points in the popular vote. It wasn't an early night for anyone, that's for sure.
    But he won. He is President. Just like he said he'd be two years ago.
    Really, this was only two years ago. We are as far away from those caucuses as we are from the 2020 caucuses. Time moves at a glacial pace.