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February 2, 2018

A whale of a tale is featured in today's show: An orca has apparently learned how to mimic the vocalizations of its trainer. We're also covering the efforts to defuse two historic bombs in Hong Kong. And a pair of sports stories explain how bans on Russian athletes were overturned and how this year's Super Bowl aims to be a zero waste game.
1. Excluding the annual message he gave last March, how many State of the Union speeches has U.S. President Donald Trump given to the nation?
2. Name the river that runs through Paris and burst its banks last weekend, causing flooding that drew comparisons to its last significant flood in 2016.
3. Name the second-most populated city in South Africa, a place that is struggling with water shortages amid its worst drought in more than 100 years.
4. The Taliban, a group that says it's responsible for some recent terrorist attacks, used to rule what country?
5. A controversial study carried out in New Mexico in 2014 used monkeys to test fumes from what type of car engine?
6. In which chamber of the U.S. Congress is the president's State of the Union address traditionally delivered?
7. In what Middle Eastern country, which borders the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, have Houthi rebels and government forces been fighting each other for years with no end in sight?
8. Because of a perceived conflict of interest, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald recently resigned from what U.S. governmental health organization?
9. In what island nation are more different languages spoken than in any other country on Earth?
10. Two unexploded bombs were recently unearthed in defused in Hong Kong, following evacuations and road closures. During what conflict were they dropped?
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