A man robs a pizza delivery person ... and leaves a trail all the way to his front door

Pizzas are delicious. But please pay for the pie.

(CNN)Add this to a list of the not-so-bright criminals.

A man ordered a pizza and robbed the delivery woman who showed up with the pie. But each step of the way, he left police so many clues, it'll make your jaw drop.
a) He used his own phone
b) He called from the same number he ordered a pizza from 4 days earlier
c) He robbed the delivery person in the parking lot of his apartment complex
d) He used a gun he stole from someone at a party
This happened in Tacoma, Washington, and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department was more than happy to share, in vivid detail, all the (mis)steps the 20-year-old took.
    Police responded to a 911 call on Friday night saying that a Pizza Hut delivery woman had been robbed at gunpoint.
    Once the police started investigating, they didn't have a hard time finding this guy. Pizza Hut ran the number and found that the same number ordered pizza four days earlier.
    Police knocked on the man's door because, you know, they had his address.
    Inside, police found all the evidence they needed: the cell phone used to make the calls and the half-eaten pizza.
    He also confessed that the gun that he used for the robbery was not his. He stole it at a party.
    "Man," he told the police. "I made a stupid mistake."
    He said he "messed up [his life] over eighty bucks in pizza."
      It was actually $81.24.
      He got that wrong too.