Zambia's robotics team

Published 6:19 AM ET, Tue January 30, 2018
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The inaugural Zambian robotics team entered First Global, a competition that pits 163 national teams against each other. Last year's theme was clean water. Each group is sent a basic kit and guide, and then it's up to them to create and program the machine.
Harvard student Sela Kasepa was inspired to enter the competition after watching a clip about the Pan-African Robotics Challenge. On the first day of the competition the robot faulted, but they worked long through the night and ended being placed 32nd.
The robot was built by a core team of seven students. Their headquarters was based at the Zambian Institute for Sustainable Development. They would use Skype to video call Sela Kasepa, who was at Harvard, to update her how progress was going. Lord Zepplin
Before they built the robot they sketched rough ideas. The team had little prior experience of robotics, and only two of the team had knowledge of programming.
The team came from all over the country to work on the project. Their name was chosen to represent the 72 groups in Zambia.