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A Sonos One speaker sale: Buy two speakers for $349 (normally $199 each).

The Sonos One is a wireless speaker that has built-in Amazon Alexa.

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Just when we thought Sonos would never have a sale, the brand came through in a major way. Right now, you can buy not one — but two — high-quality Sonos One speakers at a discounted rate. Normally, these cost $199 a piece. But now, they’re priced at $349 for two.

We recently reviewed the Sonos One ($349 for set of two; and found that this smart speaker easily ranks among the best.

They’re wireless and Amazon Alexa is built right in, so you can control and start your music with voice commands. Then, when you install these at home, you can fill two rooms at once with rich sound from your favorite albums and playlists.

If you happen to own a playbar, you’ll get surround sound for your home theater as well.

When you aren’t listening to music, feel free to use this speaker’s Amazon Alexa capabilities to ask for daily weather and news updates. And, you can also set timers and alarms at the drop of a hat. Talk about a multipurpose gadget.

Get yours now (and save $50) to score a deal on the speakers that rarely go on sale.

Note: The prices above reflect the listed retailer’s price on the date this article was published.