Screw accidentally lodged in boy's skull

Updated 7:23 AM ET, Fri January 26, 2018
02 screw skull accident02 screw skull accident
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An x-ray shows the screw partially embedded between the two halves of Darius Foreman's brain. Dr. Alan Cohen
Dr. Shenandoah Robinson (left), a neurosurgeon, cut the board off Foreman's head with the help of nurse John Mullen (right) before her neurosurgeon husband, Dr. Alan Cohen, removed the screw. Dr. Alan Cohen
Foreman was conscious the entire time before the operation, Cohen said. Dr. Alan Cohen
The screw removed from Foreman's skull. The doctors gave it to him as a keepsake. Dr. Alan Cohen
Foreman is expected to make a full recovery, Cohen told CNN. Dr. Alan Cohen
Foreman received gifts as he was discharged on Thursday -- coincidentally, his 13th birthday. Joy Ellingsworth