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January 26, 2018

This Friday's show is a special edition; we're wrapping up our series on the prospect of autonomous driving. What will city roadways look like if everything goes as hoped by the manufacturers and supporters of driverless technology? And how could that change the look of American cities themselves?
1. A three-day, partial shutdown of the U.S. government was brought to an end after a vote of 81-18 ended a filibuster in what chamber of Congress?
2. What was the name of the event that brought large crowds of demonstrators to several cities nationwide and focused on topics like women's rights, equality, religious freedom, harassment and immigration?
3. What city held a missile defense drill this week, its first since World War II ended in 1945?
4. With the 2018 Winter Olympics just weeks away, the Court of Arbitration for Sport prepared to hear appeals from 42 of 43 banned athletes from what country?
5. What U.S. retailer, which opened in 1916, is credited as having been the first modern, self-service grocery store?
6. This week, the Trump Administration announced new tariffs on imports of what two items?
7. In what Pacific body of water did a magnitude 7.9 earthquake take place on Tuesday, triggering fears of a tsunami?
8. The SAI Sanctuary, a 300-acre section of land that was restored to lush native forest, is located in what nation?
9. What is the name of the international group that is meeting in Davos, Switzerland, with the goal of creating a "shared narrative" to improve the state of the world?
10. What U.S. retail company recently announced that it would close 182 store locations throughout the U.S. in an effort to strengthen its standing against competitors like Amazon and Walmart?
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