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Rand Paul: I had the pain of 1,000 knives

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Rand Paul sustained six broken ribs and bruised lungs

The attack occurred in the yard of Paul's home in Kentucky

Washington CNN  — 

A man accused of attacking Sen. Rand Paul in the yard of his Kentucky home has agreed to plead guilty, and federal prosecutors will pursue a 21-month jail sentence against him.

Rene Boucher, who tackled the Kentucky Republican on November 3, said he “had enough” when he saw Paul stacking more brush on a brush pile, the plea agreement states. Boucher blindsided Paul by tackling him and throwing him to the ground.

Paul was mowing the lawn while wearing headphones, according to the plea deal, and didn’t see Boucher “until the last second, and was unable to brace for the impact.”

Paul sustained six broken ribs and bruised lungs in the incident.

Boucher, in statements to the Kentucky State Police and the FBI, admitted to running onto Paul’s property and tackling the senator while he was not looking. Boucher denied that the attack was politically motivated, saying it stemmed from “a property dispute that finally boiled over.”

Boucher was charged last week with assaulting a member of Congress, a felony. He faces up to 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000, according to the US attorney’s office.

CNN’s Tammy Kupperman contributed to this report.