What happened this week (in anything but politics)

(CNN)A couple says, "I do." An actor says, "Maybe." And Amazon says, "No way." Here's this week's politics-free side of the news.

Love is in the air

Two flight attendants got married by the Pope. On a plane. And it was the Pope's idea!

    Strange but sweet

    A fan asked David Harbour to be the officiant at her wedding. The 'Stranger Things' star responded with a challenge. Also he wants the first piece of cake.

    Amazon HQ2 snubs

    amazon hq2
    They proposed. They tried to woo. But that wasn't enough. These cities can kiss Amazon HQ2 goodbye. Here are some of the biggest snubs.

    You may think you're cold

    But are you this cold? Like, are your eyelashes freezing? In parts of Siberia this is a thing!

    Don't even think about it

      Lost and found

      Electricians are rewiring Buckingham Palace and they are uncovering stuff that's been hidden for decades. Here are some of the things they've found.