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January 18, 2018

An oil spill in the East China Sea leads off our coverage this Friday, followed by a look into the volatility of Bitcoin. We're explaining why America's flu season is causing misery nationwide. And we're looking into how the "king of cheeses" is used as currency in Italy.
Please note that CNN 10 will not air on Monday, January 15 in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.
1. In what U.S. state did a false alarm from an emergency missile alert system cause panic last weekend?
2. In what Middle Eastern nation would you find Idlib province, where fighting between rebel and government forces is threatening the lives of civilians?
3. When he was born on January 15, 1929, future U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was originally given what first name?
4. Name two of America's "Big Three" automakers, who are all investing in driverless technology.
5. As a way to encourage his children to play outside in the winter, a father in Old Lyme, Connecticut recently helped build what in his yard?
6. What two rival countries announced this week that their athletes will march together under one flag at the upcoming Olympic Winter Games?
7. What desert country is home to the world's largest desalinated water reserve?
8. In what Pacific body of water did a tanker recently sink after a deadly accident, potentially releasing thousands of gallons of oil into the sea?
9. H1N1 and H3N2 are examples of what disease, which is causing problems across the continental U.S.?
10. What type of cheese, known as the "king of cheeses," is used as currency in part of Italy?
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