This face mask had an 8,000-person waitlist — and it lives up to the hype

Banu Ibrahim, CNN Underscored
Updated Mon September 24, 2018

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  • Glow Recipe's Watermelon Face Mask once had an 8,000 person waitlist.
  • We tested out the product ourselves and we're impressed by the results.

If everyone is buying (and patiently waiting for) a product, it has to be good, right? This turns out to be the case with Glow Recipe's fan-favorite Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask ($45; It once sold out in under five hours, and since it's been available online, over 8,000 people have been waitlisted to buy it. Currently, it's available to purchase on Sephora — although we can't guarantee that it will be in stock for too much longer.

You're probably wondering what all the fuss is about. This gel hydrating product is designed to help people get smooth, even and moisturized skin overnight. Much like a sheet mask, this oil-free sleeping mask blocks dry air from the skin and focuses on adding moisture back in.

The product is the brainchild of Glow Recipe founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, who wanted to create a skincare product that could simplify a routine but still focused on the best of Korean skin care.

The result was the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. This little package is full of skin-loving ingredients, most notably watermelon rind, which is used to soothe inflamed skin. There are also alpha hydroxy acids which help exfoliate.

Of course magically repairing skin in under eight hours is a lot to ask. So we had to check out the sleeping mask for ourselves.

Right off the bat, we were impressed with the minimal packaging and the product's appealing scent, which smells almost like watermelon candy.

You can use the mask in two ways, either as a sleeping mask or as an immediate wash-off treatment. For the sleeping mask, you'd apply a generous layer of the gel to your face as the last step in your nighttime beauty routine. The product is pillow-proof, so there won't be any residue rubbing off your face and onto your bedding. Then the next morning, simply wash thoroughly. The second option is to use a smaller amount of the product, wait about 10 minutes and then completely rinse your face.

I mainly opted to use the mask as a wash-off one. Glow Recipe notes that this is ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

Both the overnight and 10-minute processes worked, but I preferred the latter since the change in my skin was instant. In just a few short minutes, I had supple, smooth skin. Seriously, baby-soft in just 10 minutes. Not only that, but my skin tone was more even and luminous. This ended up being the start to my morning routine, making my face an even, clear canvas for my makeup.

But I'm not knocking the overnight process, which is what the mask is marketed for. It's a simple way to rejuvenate your skin overnight and put in the bare minimum of work to make it happen.

After testing, it's safe to say that I completely believe the hype.

So if you have space in your skincare routine for a product that packs a serious punch, consider the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. And while $45 is a decent chunk of change to invest in a beauty mask, it does last for many, many applications (our first bottle has lasted us months of regular use), making it economical in the long run.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer's listed price at time of publication.