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Smartwatches aren't just for adults.

VTech has come up with the Kidizoom Smartwatch DX to help kids stay active, learn, play and more.

You can shop this option for under $100.

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Just when we thought Smartwatches were just for adults, VTech came out with the Kidizoom SmartWatch DX ($53.99; — a wearable tech device that’s meant to help kids learn, stay active, think creatively and play interactive games. This watch (shown above) may have a simple appearance, but you’d be surprised by just how much this little gadget can do.


An engaging tool for kids, the VTech Kidizoom watch comes with oodles of capabilities for keeping your little one busy. For starters, this watch features three activities, five games that are played using a touch screen, and a motion sensor for detecting your child’s progress during action challenges.

When your child is outside or being active, he or she can turn on the motion sensor and get started exercising by dancing, jump roping, or racing his or her friends. Then, when it comes time for playing games, the Kidizoom has a variety of options, including Tic-Tac-Toe and “Super Snowboard.” Also an educational investment, this watch has a built-in activity that helps kids to learn how to tell time. And then, if your child is into photography, he or she can take photos and video footage before editing them with photo effects, filters, and frames. Other features include: a calendar, alarm, stop watch, calculator and a pedometer.

Intended for kids ages 4 through 9, this gadget is tough enough for intense playtime with a durable and splash-proof exterior. And, when it’s time to charge up your device and upload videos and photos, the Kidizoom plugs directly into your computer using a micro USB cable.

After learning of the Kidizoom Smartwatch, we know what we’re buying our kids for the holidays. Given its 4.4 out of 5-star rating from over 1,298 Amazon reviewers, you can feel confident that your kid will find this to be a great gift, too.

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