Take our ski slalom masterclass with Olympian Kilian Albrecht

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spc alpine edge how to ski slalom macfarlane_00031614


    How to ski slalom


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  • Take our ski slalom masterclass
  • Albrecht explains how to master one of the sport's toughest disciplines

(CNN)Whether you're going away on your first skiing holiday or looking to brush up on your skills, two-time Olympian Kilian Albrecht is on hand with his slalom masterclass.

Having competed for Austria at the 2002 Olympics and Bulgaria at the 2010 Olympics, the 44-year-old knows a thing or two about skiing at the highest level.
Described as a "dance on snow," the shortest discipline in alpine skiing has the most number of gates -- meaning sharp turns and the highest level of concentration is needed throughout.
    Understandably, slalom usually takes longer than one afternoon to learn ... but with the help of Albrecht, you can give it your best shot.
    His three main tips for slaloming down the slopes are:
    1 - Start turning before the gate ... it's much too late to start at the gate.
    2 - It's essential to be as close to the gate as possible. The pros have no space between their boots and the gates.
    3 - Keep your knees bent, arms forward, and tense your abs to keep your core nice and stable.