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The Revolar Instinct, a small safety tracker, is a great option for anyone who would like an extra safety net while out and alone.

Smart technology offers new ways to be more proactive about your safety when you’re out alone. These days, there are wearable tech options that go far beyond what you would think of as a “panic alarm.”

Take, for instance, Revolar. The brand was created by co-founders Jacqueline Ros and Andrea Perdomo. After both had personal experiences that left them looking for better safety measures, they decided to take matters into their own hands. That’s how Revolar Instinct ($71.96; was born.


The product sends customizable messages to designated contacts to let them know your current situation. Unlike medical alert systems, there’s no added cost tacked onto the price of the device, such as an annual subscription fee.

Here’s how it works. When you get the device, you’ll download the designated app to your iOS or Android device (it’s only compatible with those two) and sync the Instinct to the app. From there, you’ll create custom messages for each type of check-in and designate the five contacts you’d like to receive the notifications.

You’ll create messages for a “Safe Check-In,” which will let your loved ones know you’re safely home; a “Yellow Alert,” which will give your contacts your GPS location and let them know you don’t feel comfortable and need to be contacted; and finally a “Red Alert,” which also sends out your live location, but indicates that you need immediate assistance.


If you want to test out the system without sending anyone into panic mode, there’s a “practice” setting you can use that won’t push any notifications to your friends or family.

Once all your settings and in place and the device has been successfully synced up, you can start using it while on the move. Simply attach the discreet tracker to your clothing or bag and press the button once to activate the Safe Check-In, twice for a Yellow Alert, and three or more times for Red Alert. And once you’re in a safe location or feel comfortable, you can simply turn the alerts off.

The device has some notable design features that can help put your mind at ease while you’re on the move. The Revolar Instinct uses very little Bluetooth energy, so you won’t have to worry about the battery life being drained. It also is weatherproof, so it can hold up if you get caught in the rain or it accidentally goes through a spin cycle in the washing machine. And if you want it to do the added work of a pedometer, it can also keep track of your daily steps, much like a fitness tracker.


While many safety trackers out there are geared toward kids or senior citizens, Revolar is for anyone who might be in a tricky situation. Its functionality and easy-to-use interface make it a great option for anyone who would like an extra safety net while out and alone.

Currently the device is priced at a budget-friendly $71. To us, that’s a small price to pay for knowing somebody’s got our back.