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For a budget, smart suitcase that can stand up to your international travels, look no further than Raden's line of luggage.

Seasoned travelers understand the importance of solid luggage. It is, after all, responsible for keeping your personal belongings protected during cross-country flights or international vacations. A lightweight model also makes toting suitcases easier and allows for less restrictive packing for those who shamelessly consider themselves hoarders on trips.

The bare minimum you’ll want is luggage that’s easy to roll, lightweight and durable.

Then there are the additional perks that come with smart luggage, like Bluetooth technology that can tell you how much your bag weighs via an integrated app, or built-in chargers so you never have to worry about a lack of available power outlets.

Often these features are synonymous with luxury luggage, with sets that can easily run shoppers into the thousands of dollars. But for a suitcase that can do all of the above on a budget, look no further than Raden (starting at $79.99; amazon.com).


The luggage company, which was founded by Josh Udashkin, was built on the premise of creating an “empathic luggage brand” that is practical for the modern, tech-savvy traveler.

For Raden, this consists of a smart design that features a portable power bank with two external USB ports to charge up your devices while you’re on the move. There’s also a weight-sensing handle that doubles as a scale, so you don’t fall victim to overweight baggage fees, and location sensors that allow you to keep track of your belongings.


The integrated app allows you to manage the battery life of the case, the bag’s weight and the GPS location all through your Android or Apple device.

All these modern finishes are accompanied by the same basics you’d look for in go-to suitcases. Four silent spinners make for easy rolling through airports and streets, a lightweight design allows you to load up on essentials, and a sturdy polycarbonate shell can protect your belongings from the normal wear and tear of traveling.


You get all this starting at $79.99 for the carry-on option (amazon.com) and starting at $129.99 (amazon.com) for check-in size, making Raden luggage not only highly functional but also economical. It really is the best of both worlds.

Note: The prices above reflect the listed retailer’s price on the date this article was published.