Venezuela crisis sends residents fleeing to nearby countries

People queue outside a supermarket in Caracas to buy basic foodstuffs and household products on November 10, 2017.
In crisis-stricken Venezuela, the cost of the basic basket of goods soared to nearly 2.7 million bolivars in September, the equivalent of six minimum monthly wages.

Cucuta, Colombia (CNN)Yesica Galindez left Caracas last weekend in search of a better life. Her final destination: Chile, nearly 3,000 miles away.

The live-in nurse scraped by while caring for a wealthy elderly man in Venezuela's capital, but once he left the country, Galindez struggled to find a job.
Galindez, 28, is among the thousands of Venezuelans who have decided to flee the country amid a deep economic crisis that has brought extreme inflation, social tensions as well as shortages of food and medical supplies.
Yesica Galindez left Venezuela in hopes of finding a new job and a better life in Santiago, Chile.