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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

For some, the odds are pretty good.

In the words of Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber,” “so you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

This year, some models are saying there is a small chance in the least likely regions. So, your wish may just come true. Here is a look at December 25 and the travel days that surround it.

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Christmas Eve, December 24

  • Most of the snow that falls on Sunday will be left behind from the strong low pressure sweeping through Saturday.
  • A major dip in the jet stream will usher in chilly arctic air just in time for the holiday.
  • For most, even if it doesn’t look like Christmas, the cold air will help you feel frosty.


  • The forecast models agree that it will snow on Christmas and they are now beginning to agree where and how much.
  • The American model has backed off on projecting Southern snow. The moisture now races out before the cold air arrives.
  • In the Northeast, the American model brings snow back into the picture for the major metro areas. Washington, Philadelphia and New York all have a possibility of some snow flurries.
  • The European model shows more snow for parts of interior New England, with a mixed bag of precipitation along the coast for places like New York and Philadelphia.
  • The Midwest can expect some snow but not as heavy as what falls on Saturday ahead of Christmas.
  • The Central Plains are due for some snow on Christmas, but currently, the European model has backed off on widespread accumulations.
  • Out west, another Pacific low will affect areas of Washington State and Oregon. The snow line dips lower in elevation, and major coastal cities in Oregon and Washington may see a wintry mix or even snow on Christmas day.
  • Temperatures will plunge well below normal across most the country. Only the extreme Southwest US will be above average on Monday.

CNN’s Dave Hennen, Gene Norman, and Haley Brink contributed to this report.