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Turns out, SodaStream Source may be just the thing to help curb your cravings in a healthier way.

A recent study suggests that drinking artificially sweetened drinks, like diet soda, is associated with a higher risk of stroke and dementia. If that sounds absolutely terrifying, it may be time to kick your diet beverage habit.

SodaStream Source ($74.88; may be just the thing to help curb your cravings in a healthier way. The appliance pumps carbon dioxide into tap water to create the same type of fizz you would find in your typical bottled seltzer water. It doesn’t require electricity or batteries, but uses a CO2 cartridge that can carbonate 60 liters of water. You can add different flavorings for a healthier spin on your traditional sodas or use it when you’re crafting unique cocktails at home. Right now, you can purchase the product for the same price of $74.88 on Amazon and Walmart.


When we compared the pick to other soda makers out there, it’s clear that the Source is one of the easier to use models and is priced pretty reasonably. And the price of cartridge refills, just shy of $15, makes it among the most affordable.

So if you’re trying to eliminate diet drinks from your life, it’s a solid alternative. The only caveat here is that to get the healthiest beverage with SodaStream (or any machine), you’ll want to get a bit crafty. Some of the prepackaged syrups out there contain artificial sweeteners and other ingredients which might negate the healthiness of the drink. Because of that, the best alternative is to create your own flavorings at home, whether it be just a splash of fresh juice or your take on a simple syrup. This will give you full control over what ingredients are going into your body, and you can avoid any artificial additives. And hey, by making your own unique soda flavors at home you can let your culinary creativity shine.