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Rosetta Stone has become a leader in language-learning software.

Choose from 25 available languages and start learning today.

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Rosetta Stone, a leader in language-learning software, has been revolutionizing how individuals can learn a foreign language for 25 years, at a fraction of the price they’d pay for in-person courses. So if your mom has always wanted to learn a new language, now’s the time to buy, since Rosetta Stone is slashing its prices just for her.

Why we love it

Rosetta Stone offers users a chance to learn and practice on their own time. The course challenges students to read, write and speak while learning one of 25 languages the company offers. This innovative software — with proprietary speech-recognition technology — starts with the basics by having users match words with images, just as babies do when learning their first words. What makes Rosetta Stone so effective is the immersive and interactive methods that help users to learn quickly in a manner that’s enjoyable.

Right now, you can purchase a Rosetta Stone subscription for up to 45% off. Here’s a full breakdown of the offer.

  • 3-Months for Everyday Low Price ($35.97;
  • 12-Months of Unlimited Languages for over 45% off ($95.88, originally $179;
  • 24-Months of Unlimited Languages for over 40% off ($143.76, originally $249;
  • Lifetime Subscription of Unlimited Languages for over 30% off ($199, originally $299;

You can give mom the gift of language this Mother’s Day for two full years for just $5.99 per month with this Rosetta Stone sale. She’ll have access to all 25 of Rosetta Stone’s languages if you choose the 12-month, 24-month or lifetime subscription. Just be sure to order before this sale ends on May 11.

What you get

Rosetta Stone’s proprietary speech-recognition abilitiy means this award-winning technology can analyze the words you say 100 times per second. The course also takes you through dialogue pertaining to opinions and pop culture. That way, you can fit right in when conversing in your new language. And if you’re concerned about how your accent sounds, don’t be; this language-learning course comes with an advanced speech engine to compare your accent to that of native speakers.

So this Mother’s Day, skip the basic flowers and chocolate, and give mom a gift she’ll really put to use with Rosetta Stone.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at time of publication.