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In a combative interview Wednesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressed Janet Porter, a spokeswoman for Roy Moore’s Senate campaign, on sexual harassment allegations against the Alabama Republican.

Defending Moore, Porter compared the claims that women have made against him to the Duke Lacrosse rape case, in which three members of the Duke University men’s lacrosse team were falsely accused of sexually assaulting an exotic dancer at a party in March 2006.

“First off, when we talk about believing the women, I would ask the question of maybe some lacrosse players at Duke University, ask them if they believe every woman who makes an accusation,” Porter said. “If we did a lynch mob media against innocent people as we did with lacrosse, there would be some lacrosse players in jail right now.”

Moore faces Democratic opponent Doug Jones in the December 12 special election in the deep red state. Jones is bidding to become the first Democrat to win a Senate race in Alabama in 25 years.

Porter continued to argue that the Democratic establishment, the far-left media, the pro-abortion lobby and George Soros were to blame for the accusations.

“Can you just explain to me how all these people got together and came up with this plot against Roy Moore?” Cooper asked.

“When you have false allegations that are generated by ‘The Washington Post’ there tends to be a pile on,” Porter said. “That’s how a lynch mob works.”

Asked if she had any evidence to support her claim, she doubled down, saying, “what the establishment does is make false allegations.”

In a discussion about about Moore’s past positions and statements, Porter appeared unable to answer Cooper’s questions.

Moore spokeswoman on past statements

“Does judge Moore still believe that homosexual conduct should be illegal and homosexuality is still the same thing as beastiality?” Cooper asked.

“I can’t answer that question,” she replied. “I can tell you what he does believe regarding that issue. If you want to talk about making sure we don’t have sexual predators.”

Cooper pushed back, “Can you get back to me on whether or not he believes homosexuality should be illegal?”

“I believe that he believes the Bible and what the Bible has to say,” Porter said.

“Does he still believe that 9/11 may have happened because, ‘we distanced ourselves from God’?” Cooper asked.

“A lot of people talk about God and how they’re Christians,” Porter replied. “In fact if you look at the commercials of Roy Moore’s opponent, he’s telling everybody what a great Christian and he is and how he defends the Second Amendment.”

“You don’t know the answer about 9/11 either?” Cooper asked.

“I don’t know the answer about 9/11, no,” Porter said.

“Does he still believe an American citizen who’s a Muslim should not be able to serve in Congress?

“I think that what he’s getting at there is we believe in the rule of law by the Constitution, not Sharia law,” she said.

Cooper cited Moore’s past statement, in which he said, he believed that Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison should not be allow to swear on the Quran.

“You don’t know the answer to that either, whether he still believes that?” Cooper asked.

“I believe his position has to do whether we follow the Constitution or the ridiculously oppressive to women Sharia law,” Porter replied.

“I get you don’t want to answer these questions and that’s cool, but I’d rather you just say I’d rather not answer them rather than just ignore them,” Cooper said.

“I’m answering them,” Porter replied. “He picks the Constitution over Sharia law and the people of Alabama agree.”