Quickly catch up on the day's news: Monday, December 4

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

Trump's busy day

-- The White House's chief lawyer told President Trump in January he believed then-national security adviser Michael Flynn misled the FBI and lied to Vice President Mike Pence and should be fired, a source says. It raises new questions about what Trump knew when he urged then-FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn.

-- President Trump signed a proclamation to shrink two national monuments by 80% and 45%, respectively.

-- After hesitating to support the US Senate candidate accused of pursuing sexual relationships with teens, President Trump gave Alabama's Roy Moore a full endorsement on Twitter.
    -- The President told reporters he feels "very badly" for Michael Flynn following the former national security adviser's guilty plea last week.
    -- Trump's personal lawyer says that under the Constitution, the President can't be guilty of obstructing justice.
    -- Despite saying he isn't interested in the award, the President is on Time magazine's short list for 2017 Person of the Year.

    Yemen's former president killed

    Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed by Houthi rebels as he fled the capital Sanaa after days of intense street fighting between his forces and the insurgents.

    Teen admits to molesting 50 children

    Eighteen-year-old Joseph Boston was turned in by his mother after he told her he molested two boys. But while being questioned by police, he admitted to sexually assaulting more than 50 children since he was 10.

    Airline crew spots North Korean missile

    The crew of a Cathay Pacific flight was en route to Hong Kong when they saw what they believed was a missile re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

    Christie bets on Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court will hear New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's challenge to a federal law that bans most states from sports betting.

    Giants fire head coach

    The New York Giants parted ways with head coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese. The NFL team benched starting quarterback Eli Manning before it fell to 2-10 on the season.