Jerseys' missing 'L' connects soccer fans in France and Vermont

Montpelier High School senior Noel Riby-Williams talks to a reporter at a ceremony thanking Montpellier, France, for donating soccer jerseys.

Story highlights

  • The French town made new friends in Vermont by donating misspelled soccer jerseys
  • The Vermonters formally thanked their donors and plan to auction off the shirts

(CNN)A typo has inspired a friendship between soccer fans in France and Vermont.

It started when the Montpellier Hérault Sport Club in Montpellier, France, bought new jerseys for the team and its supporters. When the order arrived, a patch on the shirts was missing an "L."
Quelle horreur.
    Instead of letting the jerseys go to waste, Montpellier Mayor Philippe Saurel and the team offered to donate them to soccer teams in Montpelier, Vermont, which conveniently is spelled with just one "L."
    John Hollar, mayor of Vermont's capital city, happily accepted and held a ceremony Thursday with students from Montpelier schools to thank the donors.
    "It's a happy mistake. It's a small one, you have to look closely, but it wouldn't have happened without it, so it's a nice little coincidence and serendipitous for us," Hollar told CNN affiliate WCAX.
    The two mayors also chatted over Skype.
    One of the jerseys will be framed and displayed in the Montpelier High School, WCAX reports, while the rest will be auctioned off to raise money for student athletics and other charity endeavors.