Glitter is not just annoying, it could be bad for the environment

(CNN)Glitter is the ultimate supervillain of the craft and makeup world: Charming, but insidious. Use it once, and you'll be vacuuming it out of the carpet and picking it from under your nails until the day you die.

On top of it all, scientists are saying it's dangerous for the environment.
Most glitters are in essence teeny tiny bits of shiny plastic, called microplastics. They are a well-known environmental hazard for the world's oceans, and they're currently a hot topic in the United Kingdom. The UK next year will implement a ban on microbeads -- a type of microplastic found in face washes, body scrubs and other products. (The US already has a partial ban on microbeads in place.)
This impending ban prompted some scientists to tell The Independent that glitters -- like loose glitter and those found in makeup and body products -- should be considered a similar hazard.
    "I was quite concerned when somebody bought my daughters some shower gel that had glitter particles in it," said Rich