China's media enables tyranny and corruption

Updated 5:18 AM ET, Thu November 23, 2017

Story highlights

  • Jiang Xueqin: China's "fake news" is what allows political corruption and tyranny to continue
  • And the Chinese internet firewall has only made things worse -- distinguishing truth from lies is nearly impossible, writes Xueqin

A Canadian citizen and a Yale graduate, Jiang Xueqin is a China-based educator and writer. He was formerly deputy principal of Tsinghua University High School, Peking University High School and Shenzhen Middle School. The views expressed in this commentary are his own. This is the next installment in CNN Opinion's series on the challenges facing the media as it is under attack from critics, governments and changing technology.

(CNN)I can count myself lucky that when the Chinese secret police arrested me for reporting on worker strikes and branded me a spy, all they did was deport me. It was June 3, 2002, and I was filming a worker protest undercover for a PBS documentary. As I interviewed a laid-off worker, I was jumped by thugs, thrown into a van, driven to a black spot and held incommunicado for 48 hours.

Here's what the Chinese secret police told me: I was reporting in China illegally to stir anti-China sentiment and deserved to be imprisoned for 20 years. Then they put me on a motorcade for the airport.
Looking back, I can now see that what saved me from the unchecked power of China's secret police was their fear of the unfettered response of the American media -- the world's free speech defender of last resort.
China let me back into the country a year later in 2003, and today I've switched from being a rebellious journalist into a public educator tasked with helping China adopt Western creativity.
And after ten years of teaching students how to think in a country that has truly "fake news," here's what I learned: A free media is a democracy's communal classroom, where citizens learn to use facts, evidence and logic to discuss and debate ideas. A free media is based on the liberating and empowering belief that the pursuit of universal truths is what unites and armors us against the arbitrariness of