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A travel adapter is one of the more crucial items you'll pack when traveling abroad. LOOP's top device is a great option to tote along with you -- here's why.

A power adapter may not be top of mind when you’re packing for a trip abroad; you’re likely focusing all your efforts on your wardrobe, carry-on essentials and portable devices. But this tiny device is one of the more crucial items you’ll pack. Without it, your smartphones, cameras, Bluetooth headphones and more could be left uncharged and unusable.

It’s a rookie mistake not to have an adapter on hand before you fly. Leave for your trip without one and you’ll likely have to dish out major cash at the airport to buy one or have to search in your destination for a make and model that can support your devices.

The simplest, cheapest and most functional solution is to have a budget-priced adapter that can charge all of your devices.

That’s where LOOP’s World Adapter Plug comes in ($14.99;


This top-rated travel accessory on Amazon (it has over 730 5-star reviews) can simultaneously charge three devices. Two USB outlets allow for you to juice up your phones or tablets, while an additional AC socket can help you recharge your laptop or camera. LOOP’s device is compatible with a number of electronic manufacturers, among them Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG, and works in over 150 countries on all continents. It can plug into four types of outlets found in countries around the world.

It is important to note that while it’s great for your phones, tablets and laptops, the adapter isn’t suitable for electrical appliances like hairdryers and curling irons. If you’re looking for something that can handle those, opt for a travel converter.

But for your other travel necessities, LOOP fits the bill. Its design is great for tech lovers who can’t limit themselves to just one device on a vacation or for travelers exploring in groups where multiple people will want to charge at once.

And at only $14.99, it’s far cheaper than the marked-up adapter plugs you’ll find at the airport gift shop.

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