Dad designs and 3D prints a prosthetic arm for his son

Story highlights

  • Sol Ryan had an arm amputated as a baby
  • His father Ben set out to create a movable prosthetic for very young children
  • He has begun trialling his design on other children

(CNN)Sol was born two years ago on the day of a solar eclipse. But for his parents, the joy of his birth was clouded by news of a severe blood clot in his left arm.

Sol's mother and father had to wait 10 days as his arm slowly decayed before the doctors could amputate it.
"It was a massive relief seeing this hideous thing that was attached to him and dying suddenly gone," Sol's father, Ben Ryan, tells CNN.
    But the family from North Wales was told Sol would need to wait a year to be issued a prosthetic arm from the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS). What's more, he would likely have received a standard issue prosthetic arm with a rigid socket and a rubber or silicone hand, with no hand movement, Ryan explains.