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Through the years, veganism -- a lifestyle free of animal products -- has grown in popularity.

Veestro offers vegan meals delivered straight to your door.

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Through the years, veganism – a lifestyle free of animal products – has grown in popularity, and even celebrities, such as Jay Z and Beyoncé, have gotten on board.

For many, the idea of following such a restrictive diet can seem somewhat intimidating and like a lot of work to figure out. If you’ve always wondered about following a completely plant-based diet, but found the process to be somewhat daunting, we may have found the solution for you.

Veestro, an all-organic, vegan subscription service, delivers a wide variety of plant-based meals straight to your home. From Veestro’s most popular meal packs (starting at $99 for a 12-meal “starter pack”;, you can choose a plan that suits your lifestyle best. The meals are convenient to make, healthy and super delicious.

As a young writer in New York, I was hooked on the Veestro concept after learning about its customizable meal subscription service options. I was a dedicated vegetarian for six years, and I’d always considered going vegan, but found it to be a bigger challenge than I was ready to take on. With Veestro, however, these meal plans are thought out for you so that you can think less about your diet and focus on other areas of your life.

If you’re wondering why I’d go vegan, it’s more about personal preference than anything for me. As a kid, I’d protest whenever Mom served red meat – and you’d best believe, I didn’t leave the table until I’d “cleaned my plate.” Now that I’m older and my tastes have matured, I do enjoy a burger once in a while, but now, choosing to live mostly vegetarian or vegan is more about my health and the environment than anything.

When it comes to health, there have been a lot of debates through the years over whether vegetarianism and veganism are good for you. In one recent study at the University of Florence in Italy, vegan and vegetarian diets were found to decrease rates of coronary artery disease and cancer. Another study at Hunter College shows that a vegan diet could also contribute to a healthier gut. And other research credits veganism with lessening stress and easing intense As for the environment, one assessment from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations found that livestock industry processes actually emit more global greenhouse gases than the entirety of transportation does. And one study from Nature, as cited by CNN contributor George C. Wang, “found that, by 2050, a projected 80% increase in global greenhouse gas emissions from food production can be avoided, if the global diet is an equal-parts mixture of the Mediterranean, pescetarian and vegetarian diets.”

This news was enough to send me searching for different options that would allow me to try a vegan diet without having to think too hard — or spend too much money in the process. Veestro checked all of those boxes, so I decided to give it a try.

When choosing my meal plan, I decided to try one of the weight loss meal subscriptions. Within a week, I was sent two weeks’ worth of food (42 meals) that included breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Besides the occasional slip up, I stayed completely vegan while I was trying out the food, and I didn’t miss dairy or meat one bit.

Before starting the plan, I spoke with Veestro founders Mark Fachler and Monica Klausner to learn more about the concept behind their business. As it turns out, each meal and recipe from Veestro was made special by a professional chef who tweaked and improved each plant-based recipe until reaching a desired taste and texture.

When I asked Fachler and Klausner about the plan I chose, the weight loss program, they explained that none of the meals were different from other meals offered by Veestro. Instead, when eating from the wide array of meals sent with the weight loss plan, customers can mix and match their daily Veestro meals to fit a certain number of calories and can also add in other snacks and fresh produce to round out their daily food intake.

With my two-week pack, there was a variety of options that kept me from getting bored with my diet. Topping my list of favorites, the three-layer scramble made for a hearty breakfast with protein-rich tofu and quinoa. For lunch, I’d usually have the kale and quinoa salad topped with tempeh or the mushroom risotto, which comes with a side of veggies. For dinner, my all-time favorite was the portobello “steak” with a side of polenta for a light option that still tasted savory.


For me, Veestro fit the bill in that all its meals are preservative-free, GMO-free, plant-based, all organic, healthy, convenient (since it’s delivered right to your door) and most importantly, tasty. The meals heat up in minutes and are varied so that you won’t grow bored of always eating the same things.

If you aren’t interested in counting calories and simply want to begin eating more plant-based foods, Veestro has a number of other subscription meal plan options. From their online store, you can choose from a variety of meal pack options (including wedding-prep packs, protein-rich meals and gluten-free options), the juice cleanse, or you can also customize your order via the a la carte menu.

Ready to go plant-based? Veestro is a great place to start. These meals are ready in minutes and a nutrition-rich option for your busy lifestyle. Simply place your order and you’ll have new food delivered to your door every two weeks.

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