Quickly catch up on the day's news: Tuesday, November 7

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will be watching how Democrats fare in elections on Tuesday.

(CNN)Here's what you might have missed on CNN today:

Texas church massacre aftermath

Survivors describe the chilling moments as the gunman walked down aisles, shooting some at point-blank range. Twenty-six people were killed during Sunday services at a Texas church. Family members of victims like Evangelina Santos, whose brother Richard Rodriguez died in the attack, had a message for President Trump. "Anybody can carry a gun now, even crazy people. Tell the President that. No more guns," she said during an interview on "New Day."
As the investigation continues, the cellphone of gunman Devin Patrick Kelley has been turned over to the FBI and officials say the fatalities include an unborn child. This mass shooting is the fifth deadliest in US history.


    Election Day
    It's officially the day to get your vote out. The Virginia and New Jersey governor races, the first big statewide races (except for special elections) after President Trump took office, are being watched to gauge the nation's political mood.
    The Virginia race is a tight test for the Trump presidency. Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam faces off with Republican lobbyist and former George W. Bush administration official Ed Gillespie. Here is what to watch for on Election Day, and follow the results here.
    Dems hit 25-year low
    Favorable views of the Democratic Party have dropped to their lowest mark in more than a quarter-century of polling. Republicans fare even worse, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS.
    Trump requests $4 billion to counter North Korea
    President Trump has asked Congress to approve an additional $4 billion "to support urgent missile defeat and defense enhancements to counter the threat from North Korea."
    Syria plans to join climate deal
    The United States is now the only country in the world not participating in the Paris climate agreement after the Trump administration announced a withdraw from the accord in June and Syria announced it will take part.

    Other news

    -- Roy Halladay, 40, former star MLB pitcher, killed in a plane crash off the Florida coast.

    -- Florida State University has suspended all fraternities and sororities days after the death of a pledge who had attended a party.

    -- Twitter users will see their character limit increase from 140 to 280, double what you can post now.
    -- This company is testing self-driving cars on the streets without anyone behind the wheel.
    -- Is that iPhone glitch where the letter "i" turns into a "?" driving you a bit bonkers? Apple plans to fix the error in a future software update.