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CNN poll reveals Trump at historic low
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A new CNN poll shows that just 36% of Americans approve of the job Donald Trump is doing, the lowest mark to date in his presidency. (That’s in keeping with a number of other polls of late.) 

It’s also a significant fade from Trump’s 100-day mark – when he stood at 44% approval in CNN data.

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So, where, specifically, is Trump bleeding support? I asked CNN’s polling boss Jenn Agiesta that question! Here’s where she pointed me.

1. Indies. Unaffiliated voters are leaving Trump’s side in large numbers. Back at the 100-day mark in April, Trump was at 44% approval with independents. Now? 32%. Trump’s numbers among partisans are broadly similar. He’s at 5% approval among Democrats (vs 8% in April) and 86% approval among Republicans (vs 85% in April).

2. Non-college educated whites. Trump approval is down seven points from where he stood among whites generally in April. Agiesta notes that most of the Trump erosion is among non-college educated whites, a group that served as one of the pillars of Trump’s stunning 2016 win. At the 100-day mark, Trump was at 59% approval among non-college educated whites. Today, it’s 46%. Weirdly – at least to me – is that 38% of college-educated whites approved of Trump in April while 42% do now.

3. Non-whites. You’d think Trump wouldn’t have very far to fall among non-white voters, given how poorly he has performed with that group since the start of his candidacy. But you’d be wrong! At 100 days, 29% of non-white voters approved of the job Trump was doing. Now? Just 18%. It’s hard not to blame some of that decline on Trump’s handling of the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Trump repeatedly suggested both sides were to blame. Trump’s approval rating among African-Americans in the new CNN poll? 4%.

The Point: When people say that Trump’s base is holding steady, that’s broadly right. He remains very popular among the people who voted for him. But among almost everyone else – and even among some elements of his base – perceptions of Trump are headed in the wrong direction.