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President Donald Trump has never been terribly popular with the American public. But in the past month, Trump has seen a sustained dip in his numbers that have to be concerning to the poll-obsessed President.

This chart – courtesy of the immensely talented Ryan Struyk – details the dismal data for The Donald:

Of the 10 major national polls conducted over the past month, the highest – repeat: the highest – Trump’s approval rating has been is 38%. The lowest is 33%. Trump’s average approval rating over those 10 polls is 37.1%. His average disapproval? 57.1%.

That Trump is at his polling nadir is also borne out by Gallup.

Trump’s weekly average in Gallup’s daily tracking poll is at just 35% for the week of October 29. That matches the lowest Trump approval rating for any week of his presidency to date. (Trump’s approval averaged 35% for the week of August 27.)

Here’s a look at the weekly trend for Trump approval in Gallup polling since the start of his presidency:

trump weekly job approval chart

And remember that these polls all miss this past week of Russia revelations – none of which look particularly good for the President or his administration.

Trump will spend the better part of the next two weeks in Asia, a trip he left for Friday morning. Typically, foreign trips by a president help stabilize or even boost approval numbers slightly as patriotism kicks in.

But Trump has already tweeted repeatedly en route to Asia. And national security adviser H.R. McMaster made clear earlier in the week that Trump would go right on being Trump – in Asia or not. His polling dip suggests that people aren’t responding to that approach. That doesn’t mean Trump will stop doing it.