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Published 6:11 AM ET, Fri October 20, 2017
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BMX racing, popular in the 1980s, is having a comeback thanks in part to the inclusion in the Olympics. DeSoto, Texas recently hosted one of BMX's Gold Cup races, an annual series of six regional tournaments. CNN
The DeSoto course, built in 2000, is a 1,000-foot dirt snake of jumps, straightaways and banked turns. It's designed to be challenging and fun, but also fast. CNN
A series of jumps is called a "rhythm section" because each rider needs to quickly discern their own rhythm over them. David Allan/CNN
The Gold Cup tournament included racers as old as 69 and as young as 1-year-old. David Allan/CNN
A miscalculated jump or even just a slip of the pedal can be the difference of winning and losing. USA BMX
The way a BMX tournament works is not by timing races but round after round of eliminations over two days, until winners of each division are declared. David Allan/CNN
Each race is a flurry of pedaling quickly layered on technique and agility as they hop over obstacles and lean nearly sideways on hairpin turns. USA BMX
"If you're a new rider or a pro, everybody rides," said the dad of one competitor. "Nobody sits on the bench." David Allan/CNN