David Cross and Amber Tamblyn attend the LA Film Festival premiere of "Paint It Black" on June 3, 2016 in Los Angeles.

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Tamblyn initially defended Cross

She said women shouldn't be held accountable for their men's actions

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Amber Tamblyn reached out to the woman who accused her husband, David Cross, of making racist comments and said she believes her.

It all began Sunday when comedian Charlyne Yi tweeted about what she said happened when she met Cross 10 years ago.

According to Yi, Cross made fun of her “tattered pants” and asked her if she spoke English by saying, “Ching-chong-ching-chong.”

“Then after he saw I was offended he asked me if I was going to fight with him karate in a southern accent,” Yi wrote. “Then a few years later he was re-introduced to me after my comedy show with his girlfriend at the time & he said ‘Hi nice to meet you.’”

Cross tweeted back, saying he didn’t remember the encounter in the same way.

“I would never intentionally hurt someone like that,” he said. “I do not remember doing this when I met her. I do remember meeting her though.”

The “Arrested Development” actor said he was not accusing Yi of lying and added that he was “truly sorry if I hurt her, it was never my intention to do that.”

Tamblyn initially defended her husband of five years, but on Thursday the actress said she had connected with Yi.

“I spoke to @charlyne_yi and her feelings/safety are all that matter to me. We’re good,” Tamblyn tweeted. “I owe you nothing, Twitter. You’re lucky to have me.”

To further clarify the situation, Tamblyn tweeted that she believed Yi’s accusations.

“I’ll say it again. I spoke to Charlyne. I believe her,” Tamblyn wrote. “I’m about HER feelings/emotional health right now, not Twitter’s. That okay with you?”

She also admonished fans to “not hold women accountable for the actions, decisions or words of their partners. Don’t. Do it.”