'Jane' a glowing tribute to Goodall's remarkable life

Jane Goodall in 'Jane'

(CNN)Whatever you know about Jane Goodall, there's more to learn from "Jane," a gorgeous documentary devoted to the life of the famed primatologist and her life's work with chimpanzees.

Culled from extensive footage shot by Goodall's husband, Hugo van Lawick, during her time in Gombe National Park in Tanzania, "Jane" is actually several films in one -- a biography, an inspiring and at times heartbreaking story about Goodall's chimpanzees, a look at how working women were treated in the era, and through the romance between Goodall and her photographer, a love story.
The movie is clearly a labor of love for writer-director Brett Morgen, whose interviews with the 83-year-old Goodall nicely augment and flesh out the story that's told through the archival material.