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¿Fue Pitbull más eficaz ayudando a Puerto Rico que Trump?
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Mr. Worldwide has made it clear he sees President Trump’s “true colors.”

“His true colors are real simple,” Pitbull told CNN on Wednesday. “It’s about money, it’s about power, and when you’re raised that way, it goes to show you what your true priorities are.”

The rapper’s criticism comes just before Trump posted a tweet on Thursday, warning federal aid for Puerto Rico won’t last “forever.” The U.S House of Representatives is set to vote on a disaster relief bill as the island still reels from a lack of electricity, access to public health and a rising death toll.

Pitbull has become a champion for Puerto Rico relief efforts. After Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, the rapper quietly sent his private plane to transport cancer patients to care on the U.S. mainland. He also joined Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s relief initiative Somos Una Voz, which brings together sports and entertainment figures to help in recovery efforts.

Pitbull spoke out against Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico relief, including the president’s visit to the U.S. territory last week.

“I couldn’t believe the way he just tossed paper towels at people like if you’re playing basketball,” he said.

Those types of actions send the wrong message to other countries, according to the rapper.

“We’re setting the example for the world,” he said. “If the States sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.”

Pitbull doesn’t want to dwell on criticism, however. He said Americans should focus on solutions to put the country back on track.

“It’s gonna take a little bit of time, but guys, let’s learn from this lesson,” he said. “We all fall, [but] it’s how we get back up.”