Sen. Chris Murphy: Dems should give back Weinstein money

Murphy: Dems should return Weinstein money
Murphy: Dems should return Weinstein money


    Murphy: Dems should return Weinstein money


Murphy: Dems should return Weinstein money 01:27

Washington (CNN)Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said the Democratic Party should give back donations received from the disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein.

"I think that probably makes sense," Murphy said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union." "I mean this is a pretty bad guy, who did some really awful things."
Following a report in The New York Times last week alleging Weinstein had sexually harassed women for decades, Democrats continue to face calls to return or donate money they took from the longtime supporter of the Democratic Party.
Several sitting politicians were quick to announce their intentions to do so, including Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy and New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich.
    But Murphy acknowledged politicians like himself solicited donations far and wide, without looking into the backgrounds of their donors.
    "I don't require a background check to contribute to my campaign," Murphy said. "And so there are probably lots of people with unsavory backgrounds and pasts who have given to both Democrats and Republicans."
    Murphy repeated, however, that he believed those who took money from Weinstein should return it.