What happened this week (in anything but politics)

(CNN)This week brought us rock 'n' roll favorites, a (sorta) free man and a tech-happy happy hour...in Japan! Here's the lighter, politics-free side of this past week's news.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces 2018 nominees

14 Rock Hall of Fame nominees 2018_RufusFeaturingChakaKhan

O.J. Simpson is OUT...

    ...after serving nine years at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Las Vegas. The former NFL player will start the remainder of his 33-year sentence as a parolee in the same city where he was put behind bars for armed robbery, kidnapping and other convictions.

    The chief executive fighting for working women

    Nour Al Hassan wants to break through the scant 22% female participation in the Middle Eastern workforce. She runs a translation service where 90% of the company's employees identify as women.

    Cocktail hour with Amazon in Japan

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    The tech giant will be serving beer, cocktails, wine and Japanese sake in a Tokyo pop-up bar later this month. There's a catch, though: No menu! Before you wet your whistle, you'll have to fill out a questionnaire on a tablet and the company's software will suggest a drink FOR you.

    More content to stream means more money to pay

    Bingeing just got a little more expensive. Netflix increased the price of its standard and premium streaming subscriptions by $1 and $2 dollars. The bump is in effect for new U.S. users, but existing members will get a 30-day notice this month.

    Survivor of drunk driving accident brings hope to other amputees

    cnn heroes patel mixed_00012709
    At 17, Mona Patel was hit multiple times by a drunk driver. Now, almost 30 years after her first amputation, she runs a support network to help other amputees rebuild their lives.