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October 6, 2017

Our first story this Friday explains an ambush of Nigerien and U.S. troops in a country of northwest Africa. Then, we’re bringing you a taxi driver’s perspective on the effects of a southern Asian government’s plan to change its currency. A tropical storm, a random fact about postage stamp calories, and the practice of kicking around robots round out our coverage.


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1. Name the region of Spain where some residents recently voted to become an independent country, though Spain said the referendum was illegal.

2. Researchers say a protein called CCL11 could potentially help identify what brain disease in living patients?

3. Name the most populated city in Nevada, which recently witnessed the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

4. Name the British airline that suddenly went out of business, temporarily leaving 110,000 people without a flight home to the United Kingdom.

5. Name the U.S. commonwealth whose governor and capital’s mayor had differing views on U.S. government assistance in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

6. Yemen, a nation at civil war, is also struggling with a massive outbreak of what dangerous disease?

7. A company named EyeDetect has developed an eye-tracking tool that could help detect what behavior?

8. In what African country were government troops and U.S. forces recently targeted in an ambush by suspected ISIS terrorists?

9. In what South Asian country are many workers feeling the effects of a government move to suddenly change its currency in an effort to fight counterfeiting?

10. Name the current tropical storm that’s expected to strengthen to a hurricane after it moves from the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of Mexico.


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