From then to now: South Korean president Moon Jae-in

By Andrea Lo, CNN

Published 5:42 AM ET, Thu September 28, 2017
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Born to North Korean refugee parents, Moon Jae-in is a former special forces soldier. Blue House
In 1972, he began to study for a law degree. As a student, he took part in protests against the dictatorship of the then-president Park Chung-hee and was arrested. Blue House
He passed his law exams while in jail, going on to become a human rights lawyer. Blue House
He met his wife, classical vocalist Kim Jung-sook, at university. Blue House
The two married in 1981. Blue House
The couple has two children together. Blue House
As a human rights lawyer, Moon fought for democracy and labor rights. Blue House
In 2003, when friend and colleague Roh Moo-hyun (left) was elected as president, Moon agreed to serve as his chief of staff. Blue House
In his autobiography, Moon says he never felt comfortable in that position. Blue House
Roh committed suicide in 2009, after which Moon began to focus more on politics. Blue House
Moon first ran for office back in 2012, but lost out to the now-impeached former president Park Geun-hye. Kim Sujin/Blue House
After Park was ousted, Moon campaigned on promises to address social inequality and the lack of economic opportunity in South Korea. Kim Sujin/Blue House
His campaign vows won him favor with younger voters. Blue House
Since taking office, Moon has been a popular figure, achieving a nearly 80% approval rating in his first 100 days in office. Kim Sujin/Blue House