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Why is health care in the US so expensive?
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Most major medical groups oppose the GOP proposals

Doctors worry underlying faults in the healthcare system are not being addressed by Washington

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As the latest Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act begins its death rattle, a growing number of physicians worry that any solution Washington proposes will not fix the nation’s ailing health care system.

“Forget Republican or Democrat, when I look at the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or the Graham-Cassidy pathway, it doesn’t matter,” said Dr. Brian Hill, an Atlanta urologist, “because they are both doing a miserable job in helping people get health care.”

“It’s rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic,” said Dr. Kevin Campbell, a North Carolina cardiologist who advises young doctors on how to build their practices. “Obamacare has been a disaster but I’ve seen nothing of substance to replace it from the Democrats. I see nothing viable from the Republicans.”

“I’m not a fan of any legislation that Washington has come up with,” said Dr. Keith Smith, who runs a cost-transparent surgical center in Oklahoma City. “The GOP version of the plan that they would inflict on all of us is like giving gin instead of vodka to an alcoholic and assuming something different will occur.”

Informal surveys show growing concern

Insider surveys by physician recruiting firms and websites echo those sentiments. An email survey of 887 physicians released today by MDLinx, a physician news aggregator, found 54.7% oppose or strongly oppose the Graham-Cassidy plan, while only 19.8% support or strongly support it. About 25% of respondents were neutral.