What's streaming in October

Published 9:58 AM ET, Tue September 26, 2017
netlfix stranger things season 2netlfix stranger things season 2
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It's a return to Hawkins and supernatural forces in the second season of Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things." Here's some of what else is streaming in October. Courtesy Netflix
"The Mist": Based on the 1980 Stephen King horror novella of the same name, a small town must deal with a mysterious mist which settles upon it. (Netflix) Dimension Television
"Kill Bill: Volume 1": Uma Thurman stars at The Bride, a woman who awakens from a years-long coma and sets out to gain revenge. (Hulu) Miramax
"I Love You, Man": A man's search for a male best friend strains his relationship in this comedy starring Rashida Jones and Paul Rudd. (Netflix) DreamWorks
"Blood Diamond": Djimon Hounsou stars in this thriller about the diamond industry. (Netflix) Warner Bros.
"Ferris Bueller's Day Off": Ferris takes us all along for the ride as he plays hookey in this now iconic 1980s comedy. (Hulu) Paramount Pictures
"Donnie Darko": Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone star in this sci-fi thriller about a troubled team who suffers from visions. (Netflix) Pandora Cinema
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory": Johnny Depp takes on an iconic role in this beloved film about a boy who wins a tour at a candy factory. (Netflix) Warner Bros.
"Miss Congeniality": Sandra Bullock stars as an FBI agent who must go undercover in a beauty pageant in this 2000 action comedy. (Netflix) Castle Rock Entertainment
"Jersey Girl": Ben Affleck stars as a single dad who must deal with a tragedy in this romantic dramedy. (Hulu) Miramax
"Haters Back Off " Season 2: Colleen Ballinger returns as Miranda Sings, a teen who refuses to let her lack of talent get in the way of becoming famous. (Netflx) Courtesy Netflix
"Like Water For Chocolate": Marco Leonardi and Lumi Cavazos star as a pair of star crossed lovers in this delicious film. (Hulu) Arau Films International
"Swingers": This comedy starring Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn is so money baby! (Hulu) Doug Liman Productions
"Blair Witch": After a man finds a video of his missing sister, he heads into the woods where the Blair Witch lives. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Lionsgate
"Jack Reacher: Never Go Back": Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is on the run trying to clear his name in this action film. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Paramount Pictures
"The Crying Game": Jaye Davidson and Stephen Rea cross paths after an officer is kidnapped by members of the Irish Republican Army. (Hulu) Palace Pictures
"Freakish" Season 2: Chad Michael Collins and Liza Koshy star in this series about a group of teens who must fight against a band of mutants who take over their town. (Hulu) AwesomenessTV Productions
"Midnight Express": An American college student gets tossed into prison for drug smuggling in Turkey in this drama based on the biography by William Hayes. (Hulu) Columbia Pictures
"Arrival": Amy Adams stars as a linguistics professor recruited to interpret the language of aliens in this critically acclaimed sci-fi film. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Lava Bear Films
"Sigmund and the Sea Monster" A sea monster named Sigmund befriends three kids in this children's series. (Amazon Prime) Amazon Studios
"Red Oaks" Season 3: A college student comes of age in this comedy set in the 1980s. (Amazon Prime) Amazon Studios
"The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story": The now famous meeting between Mexican actress Kate del Castillo and drug lord El Chapo is explored in this special. (Netflix) Greg Doherty/WireImage/Getty Images
"The Whistleblower": Rachel Weisz stars in this film based on the experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, who served as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia and blew the whistle on the U.N. for covering up a sex scandal. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Samuel Goldwyn Films
"Fifty Shades Darker": Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan reprise their roles as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in this erotic sequel based on the popular fiction series. (HBO Now) Universal Pictures
"Blood Hunters": A single mother wakes up in a medical facility to discover that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant in this horror thriller. (Amazon Prime) A Film Monkey Productions
"Needlestick": A desperate doctor, a young intern, his ex-girlfriend and his best friend all collide in this horror tale. (Amazon Prime) Decipher Entertainment
"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre II": A cannibal family terrorizes a radio host as they are being hunted by a former lawman. (Amazon Prime) Cannon Films
"Clueless": As if you could not watch this comedy about an affluent teen and her friends! (Amazon Prime, Hulu) Paramount Pictures
"Fargo": Steve Buscemi stars as an inept criminal who is no match for a pregnant police chief in this Cohen brothers classic. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Season 9: Larry David returns six years after his last season to crack up fans with his curmudgeonly comedy. (HBO Now) Production Partners
"Jackass: The Movie": The gang from the hit MTV series perform their stunts and trickery on the big screen. (HBO Now) Paramount Pictures
"Tracey Ullman's Show" Season 2: Ullman returns with her cadre of characters for a new season of her sketch series. (HBO Now) BBC
"The Hateful Eight": A bounty hunter and his prisoner must deal with both a brutal winter and a brutal gang. (HBO Now) Visiona Romantica
"Patton Oswalt: Annihilation": The comedic actor talks politics, social media and dealing with the grief over losing his wife last year in this standup special. (Netflix) Courtesy Netflix
"Abduction of Jennifer Grayson": A kidnapping leading to a love affair makes things complicated for the kidnapper and a police detective who is investigating the crime. (Hulu) Penny Spent Films
"Ghost World": Scarlett Johansson and Thora Birch star in this dark comedy about a pair of teen friends, which is based on a comic book of the same name. (Amazon Prime, Hulu) United Artists
"Trial & Retribution" : Victoria Smurfit and David Hayman star in this Law & Order-like British series. (Acorn TV) Acorn TV
"Doc Martin" : Martin Clunes stars as Dr. Martin Ellingham a tactless, self-centered, and uptight doctor in a quirky seaside town in Cornwall. (Acorn TV) Acorn TV