Australia's far right fighting for attention

Updated 8:45 PM ET, Fri September 22, 2017

Melbourne, Australia (CNN)Australian far right agitator Neil Erikson's latest move might be his most cunning.

The self-proclaimed former neo-Nazi -- found guilty this month of inciting serious contempt for Muslims in an offensive online video -- is launching a new nationalist group called "Patriot Blue."
Patriot Blue is also the name of the fictional far right, anti-Muslim group in the upcoming Romper Stomper TV series, which reunites the director and several cast members from the iconic 1992 film by the same name, and is set to air over the Australian summer. In the movie, neo-Nazis targeted Asian immigrants.
The original film, starring Russell Crowe, created a storm of controversy in Australia and Britain for glorifying Nazi violence, and the sequel has already come under fire for giving a platform to extremists. Erikson hopes that ap