There is still suffering in Puerto Rico a year after Hurricane Maria and many young people face a highly uncertain future.
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One year after Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico, the island still struggles to recover.

Many of the agencies tasked with rescue and supply have transitioned to long-term rebuilding. You can support these groups through the ‘“Take Action” button below, or by clicking here.

Maria’s full destructive scale was not clear in the months after landfall, and the storm was followed by a slow, frustrating and deadly recovery. Three months afterward, only a third of Puerto Rican households had received tarps for their damaged homes. Power was still not restored for many across the island by the six-month mark. In August, the island government raised the death toll to 2,975, 46 times higher than their previous count.

As we enter another year of recovery, the island’s “Maria Generation” grapples with anxiety and despair. But hope is not entirely lost. Puerto Ricans are working hard to rebuild, and nonprofits have committed to help.