Doctor-in-training talks dad through delivery during Irma

Destiny Knight was born at home during Hurricane Irma, weighing 6 lbs 11 oz.

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  • Ambulances could not respond due to unsafe conditions
  • The baby, Tatyanna Watkins' third child, was born at home

(CNN)A young doctor just three years out of medical school talked a frantic father in Miami through delivering his baby's placenta as Hurricane Irma's winds whipped outside his door.

The placenta was stuck inside the uterus -- a potentially deadly situation for the mother.

At 3:30 Sunday morning, the baby's father, David Knight, called 911. His girlfriend, Tatyanna Watkins, was having contractions one to two minutes apart. 
Maria Perez, an emergency dispatcher at the City of Miami Department of Fire-Rescue, took the call, according to Desiree Farrell, a midnight shift supervisor.