Settle in with these weekend reads

Ardi Rizal shows photographs of himself smoking at the age of 2, in Sumatra, Indonesia.

(CNN)Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here's what you might have missed in a busy news week:

This military base is training to shoot down a North Korean nuclear missile

CNN was allowed in for a rare on-the-ground visit to the only protection America has against an incoming North Korean ICBM: the Missile Defense Complex housed at Fort Greely, Alaska.

Islam's special pilgrimage

    Each year, as many as 3 million pilgrims descend on the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca. Take a journey through Hajj, the spiritual pinnacle for the world's 1.8 million Muslims.

    Doctors thought she was psychotic, but her body was attacking her brain

    Emily Gavigan had become paranoid and was exhibiting odd behavior. After time in psychiatric facilities, one guest's story on a TV show gave her family a clue toward a diagnosis -- something that could be treated.

    Raqqa in ruins

    Drone footage of west Raqqa offers a rare glimpse of the utter destruction in ISIS' stronghold in Syria.

    Chain-smoking children: Indonesia's ongoing tobacco epidemic

    Do you remember the chain-smoking toddler who became an Internet sensation? He went through rehabilitation and is cured (for now), but he is far from the only child across the islands of Indonesia to become addicted to tobacco.

    We have a moral duty to talk about climate change

    Mark Lynas writes that as floods besiege Houston and South Asia, it is not politically opportunistic to raise the issue of our moral duty to talk about climate change.

    It takes more than guts to be a woman in 2017

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    Melissa Blake, a blogger about culture and disability issues, shares the experience of being viciously trolled after challenging a Republican politician on Twitter for using vile and misogynist language about a female comic.