Venezuelans in US desperate to help family back home

A Venezuelan National Guard member surveys debris in a looted supermarket in December 2016.

Story highlights

  • Food shortages continue to plague the population of Venezuela
  • Expatriates in the US struggle to send help back to their families

(CNN)When Atahualpa Pinto Solis came to the US from Venezuela in 1997, he never envisioned a time when he would have to help his family back home put food on their table.

But now, he's started a GoFundMe to do just that. To him, it seems like the only way he can support them.
Solis recalls happier times in his home country.
    "You could find food, you could find anything you wanted," he told CNN. "You could go out. There was city life, there was nightlife."
    In 2001, high oil prices made Venezuela the