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September 1, 2017

Featured this Friday: the reason why tens of thousands are being evacuated in a German city after the past met the present. We’re also updating you on the devastation of the storm Harvey and looking into some of the unseen dangers of standing floodwater. Reports on hydrogels and ferrofluids conclude today’s coverage on CNN 10.


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1. Name America’s fourth-largest city, which is struggling to recover from more than two feet of rain brought by Hurricane Harvey.

2. U.S. President Donald Trump’s first pardon involved a controversial former sheriff of what state?

3. What U.S. department store company announced that it would close an additional 28 Kmart locations in the months ahead?

4. An unusual missile test by North Korea involved a projectile that flew over what nation, a U.S. ally?

5. What kind of vehicles, which first took to U.S. roads in the 1890s, currently account for about 1 percent of all new vehicle sales in America?

6. Name the U.S. Pacific island territory that North Korea threatened after launching a missile over an American ally.

7. What kind of weather-related event claims more lives annually in the U.S. than lightning strikes, tornadoes or hurricanes?

8. In what German city are more than 60,000 people preparing to evacuate after a bomb was discovered in the city’s center?

9. Name the governor of Texas, who called for a Texas Day of Prayer following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

10. In terms of financial impact, what was the costliest hurricane in U.S. history leading up to the arrival of Harvey?

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