Residents evacuate their homes near the Addicks Reservoir in Houston on August 29.
David J. Phillip/AP
Residents evacuate their homes near the Addicks Reservoir in Houston on August 29.
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Here’s what you might have missed on CNN today:

Harvey: The worst is not yet over

– Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall again today, circling back on southeast Texas and hitting Louisiana. Some areas of Houston got a record 51.88 inches of rain (Port Arthur, Texas, got 26 inches in just 24 hours).
– More than 8,500 people have been rescued in Houston, and the death toll in Texas is now at least 28. The bodies of six family members whose van was swept away in the storm were found. Many heroic rescues have been taking place in the area: These people formed a human chain to save an elderly man and a CNN correspondent helped a man from his truck that was about to be swept away in a flood.

– Interstate 10 looks like an ocean after the hurricane hit – these before and after photos are mind-blowing.

– The NFL canceled the preseason game between the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys.

– The financial cost of devastation is really adding up for Texas. In fact, Harvey may be the most expensive natural disaster in America’s history.

– Check out full coverage of Harvey’s aftermath here.

In other news

– The Food and Drug Administration approved a drug that aims to give children and young adults with leukemia a second chance after other treatments fail – the first of its kind to hit the US market.

– President Trump discussed a tax reform plan in Missouri. Few details are known and leaders have yet to reach an agreement on the plan.

– The US conducted a successful missile defense test this morning. Trump said talking to North Korea is “not the answer,” seeming to contradict some of his top Cabinet officials who say the US will continue to seek a peaceful resolution.

– Iran has rejected the US demand for the UN’s nuclear watchdog to inspect its military sites.

– Dad jokes aside, the average age of an American father is getting older, a study found.

– “It’s not easy being green” isn’t going to sound the same anymore.