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Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here’s what you might have missed in a busy news week:

Exclusive: The North Korean spies Ukraine caught stealing missile plans

Christian Streib/CNN

Two North Korean spies caught on the grainy surveillance footage are serving eight-year prison sentences for espionage in Ukraine.

Where are you REALLY from?

What can seem like a harmless ask can actually be hurtful. Two-thousand people shared their experiences with us about #whereimreallyfrom.

Why you shouldn’t schedule anything important for 2 p.m.


The one thing early birds and night owls have in common? That afternoon feeling of sluggishness. Here’s how to optimize daily life activities around your circadian rhythm.

Eight foods that can be stored for years


A 106-year-old fruitcake was found on Antarctica in “excellent condition.” What other foods have similar staying power?

The best photos from the solar eclipse

Ted S. Warren/AP

Many Americans took time out of their Monday to snag a glimpse of the eclipse of the century. Here are some of the highlights.

Opinion: My Instagram beef with Linton: #Deplorable


Jenni Miller, who engaged in a heated Instagram exchange with Louise Linton, the wife of the secretary of Treasury, says Linton has a lot to learn about the American struggle.

Opinion: Where are the monuments to Gen. James Longstreet?

Hulton Archive/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Steve Holmes says the failure to erect statues to a Confederate general who reconciled with Ulysses S. Grant after the Civil War and favored Reconstruction demonstrates how the Confederacy is viewed through a political lens.